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Author: Books and Skin

Poverty is not always a choice. When one keeps encountering potential employers who expect one to magically acquire 2-5 years of "relevant work experience" before getting one's first job, unless the person defending this practice is insane, he knows that one has been denied the opportunity to get that first job. Let's not even try to pretend that there is any serious disagreement on this point. Factor in a refusal on the part of employers to hire people for positions for which they are "overqualified" and top this off with an even more stubborn refusal to hire the long term unemployed, and one is left with a truly hopeless situation, in which the victim is given a chance to see how truly vile his fellow man can be, and how much misplaced pride is taken in that vileness. I get to see that all of the time. I'm a grossly underemployed mathematician (MA complete, and at the ABD stage of getting his PhD) who makes his money as a math tutor and an artist's model. Yes, I work nude. Yes, to answer a question I've been asked (by students who signed up for a class I was modeling for), my family knows about this. They got over it and you should, too. There is a lot about the experience of being held down in poverty that is degrading, but for me, the fact that I've taken my clothes off in front of other people isn't part of that. What bothers me is not that I've been nude (and will be, again), but that I'm reduced to my nudity, one might say? With all I've learned and all I can do, I find that all that society seems to value in me is my lack of body shyness. Am I not more than that? In the middle of what should be a workday, I should want to be somewhere other than that model stand, not because I'm too shy to be up there, but because I'm too busy. No, I will not be getting naked on Wordpress. I do respect the TOS, and I don't believe that is allowed here.

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